I had the pleasure of working with Rachel at Cornerstone Equine. My knowledge of riding was limited and my confidence was low. Rachel taught me various aspects of riding such as parts of the horse, the saddle, putting the saddle on and caring for the horse. I think the importance of learning these things as well as the technical aspects of riding, says a lot about the care and consideration Rachel takes in teaching. Rachel gave me a good foundation to begin my journey in horseback riding and my love for horses. Rachel is a very patient, professional, and funny instructor, and I am sure I gave her a few laughs as well! Thank you Rachel!
Cornerstone Equine has been absolutely fantastic to work with! My husband and I are both beginners in the horse riding world. Rachel has made sure to create lessons that are well rounded and focus on all the fundamentals of horsemanship. We have two yearlings as well, and she has been working with them every week on foundational training (desensitization, foot work, haltering/catching, and grooming.) The progress they have both shown in only a month of working with Rachel is nothing short of amazing! They have always had great dispositions, but their trust in us and her has grown exponentially. Just last week, they handled having a bareback pad placed on them like champs! We could not recommend Cornerstone Equine enough!
kirsten and cj
Rachel is an exceptional instructor. She provides a calm, patient, yet assertive presence to guide our young daughter in horse riding. In her time with Rachel, not only has her skill and knowledge about horses and riding improved, but so has her confidence. My husband and I can't recommend her enough.
kindra and kelly
I purchased a weanling filly from Cornerstone and found they are very honest and trustworthy. Not to mention, the filly was in great condition, easy to handle, and of excellent breeding.
michael h.
Rachel was super easy to work with and she produces top quality horses. She made sure to answer all of my questions, worked with me time line wise, and communicated everyday until our horse arrived in SC. I was extremely happy with how she handled our transaction and will be purchasing more horses from her in the future. Roanys Lucky Lady is everything we expected her to be and more. She will have a permanent spot at our ranch and can't wait to see how she changes our program! Thank you again, Rachel!
elena g.
Rachel has been instrumental in helping my gelding work on becoming more secure when trail riding. She is knowledgeable about horses and is patient when working with them. She is also so calm and consistent in her approach. She is friendly, flexible, and open to riding with others while training and exploring new trails.
debbie b.
Rachel is a pure pleasure to work with. She is generous with her time, her love of the horse is unparalleled, and she has an ever flowing knowledge of how the horse thinks, feels, and acts. Another huge aspect of Rachel’s success with the horse is her ability to communicate what she is working on with the horse, to the owner, practically at the same time. She has such a natural born gift with the horses, but she combines that with being a wonderful teacher. What I appreciate the most about Rachel is her willingness to share her gift with us. I would highly recommend working with Rachel, it’s a journey you’ll never regret.
dana r.
Such a fun experience, easy to coordinate and the horses were great.
alexis d.
Rachel Fessenden is a very gifted horsewoman. We have known her for many years and have ridden together on many occasions. Recently, Rachel has come to our ranch and helped us exercise several of our horses. She has helped us understand our gaited horses better, understanding their various gaits and how to help them into the gait of choice. We learned so much from Rachel and our horses have benefited from her horsemanship and kind nature. She is so easy to communicate with and is always respectful of our needs and what is best for the horse. I would highly recommend Rachel for any training needs and anyone wanting to better their horsemanship.
corinne m.
Rachel is a wonderful horsewoman. Her knowledge of horses is equal to her natural feel for them. She is calm and quiet when working them which allows her to work with many different horses and personalities. This is priceless when it comes to training young horses!! I highly recommend working with Rachel!
mindy s.
Rachel helped train my 2 year old filly, Little Bit, under saddle, which was not an easy task because she was very strong-willed. By 3 years old, I was able to take her anywhere with complete confidence in my horse and in myself! Just recently I was looking to purchase a new mare. I sent Rachel the details of what I was looking for. She researched several horses, narrowed down the results and I got the exactly what I wanted! I would highly recommend Rachel for all of your horse needs!!!
rachael p.
Rachel is such a great horse trainer. She has started my little filly, Sunny, on her groundwork, halter, leading, loading & unloading in a horse trailer, lifting her feet for horseshoer, and other little responses to touch. All of this before she turned a year old.
patty s.
I never realized how important it is to have a horse that fits your personality until I had Rachel pick out my second horse Hank. She did a fabulous job of selecting horse that is glad to see me and meets me at the gate. I asked for a great down the road companion and that is what I received. Hank is perfect for my level and challenges me to improve myself because he has such impressive potential. Hank is not just my best friend he is part of our family. I highly recommend Rachel for anyone that is wanting help picking out a horse.
A very truly satisfied customer
diane k.
Rachel has helped me with several horses including foundation work and later, specific tasks such as acclimating to gunfire (for bird hunting), trail challenges, river crossings, and accepting a pack as well as leading a pack horse. She is sensitive to the needs of the rider as well as the horse which is essential for successful training. My main horse is incredibly well rounded and I appreciate the help that Rachel gave us over several years.
lisa m.
Rachel is my go-to person for everything on trail and obstacle training. You won't find anyone better! If you are looking for someone to train your horse or start your horse on gun training, she is the one to go to. Her knowledge in horse behavior allows her to grow your horse's confidence and make them into a solid horse. She has worked with several of my horses and I've had excellent results!
matea b.
Has a very good understanding of horse behavior and just natural talent for training and communicating with the animal.
jenny r.
Rachel began training my 1.5 year old filly last year on basic ground manners. This year she started her under saddle work. What a wonderful transformation. We have taken her out for trail rides in the mountains already. She crosses creeks, picks her way through rocks, and is beginning to understand bridges. I am very happy with how my horse is learning under Rachel's capable tutelage. I would recommend her horse training services to anyone who wants a horse to have a solid foundation.
sue g.
Rachel is an incredibly talented and sensitive trainer. She has been working with my yearling as well as my Shetland pony under cart. I am incredibly impressed with her patience, timing, and the progress she has made with both horses and their very unique needs. Rachel has also escorted me and my friends on trail rides out into National forest, while she was training under saddle one of my friend's horses. These rides have been the highlight of my year.
andrea r.
Her heart is 100% for the horse. Great foundation work and great horses.
cheryl g.

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