Here is what you can expect from us at CornerStone Equine:

Pasture Board
$350/month or $250/month if owner provides 1 ton of hay
Includes run-in shelter, dry lot, Daily health check, hay fed twice daily. Additional supplements and feed available at owner’s expense. Well mannered stallions or mares with foals allowed. Safe and secure 5 ½ foot tall wood fencing with 3 board split rail and 3 strand electric fencing provides horses a secure pasture to roam. No cribbers allowed.
Will have pasture to themselves.
In Training Board
In training horses will have pasture board unless they do not get along well with others, then will have a 24x24 pen with shelter. Hay fed twice daily. Additional supplements and feed available at owners expense

Overnight Pens

***Multiple horse discount available of 3 or more horses***
Owner supplies their own hay and water buckets. We will clean your stalls! Hay available for purchase if desired.

Pasture with/without drylot
Weekly rate $125/horse
3 or more horses
Weekly rate of $125/horse


Holding for vet, farrier, bodywork/chiropractic, hand walking, hosing off, or changing bandages.
Fly Masks
Put on in the morning, removed at night.
Putting on and removing of a blanket or flysheet at staff’s discretion dependent on weather.
Trailer Storage
Park your trailer on our property, no hookups.
All horses entering onto CornerStone Equine property MUST have proof of Negative Coggins, a current state health certificate, and vaccinated with a 5-Way/West Nile combo and Strangles.