Horse Development

At CornerStone Equine, we believe in developing your horse’s foundation to make your partner more dependable for you. From start to finish we will maintain the horse’s dignity, confidence, and trust while instilling good habits that will carry on throughout your horse’s life. In horse development you are always adjusting to fit the situation for each horse, no two are the same. Horse development is not black and white or rote memorization. Rather, a lifetime of learning, feel, timing, and patience.

When deciding to send your horse to us for training we will outline your goals as well as a training plan specifically designed to fit your horse’s needs. Not sure how much training your horse will need? We are happy to evaluate for you, and will travel to your location if required. Fuel costs are based on mileage. To help set you up for success and continue on in your horse’s training and education, you will receive a free lesson for every 25 hours of our training.

We offer a variety of specialized training packages to give your horse a more focused learning experience. Some of our packages include:

Trail Riding

We can help your horse become more centered and relaxed while riding outside and working with manmade and natural obstacles. They will get real world experience with riding on mountainous trails and learning how to handle themselves in diverse situations. Additional fuel cost based on mileage will apply.


From miniature horses to drafts we will help teach them the basics from accepting the harness to pulling the cart. Beginning with learning to drag items behind them, this will teach them not to feel claustrophobic while hitched to a cart. Before being hitched to a cart they will practice with a travois to get them used to the way the shafts will press against their sides. Finally, hitching to a cart and working on driving in the arena, in the open, and on our driving course where they will refine their skills. Driving packages will require a 3 month (75 hour) minimum.

Mounted Shooting

Balloons, bull whips, and guns. We will get your horse accustomed to noises and help prepare them for the unexpected. This type of exposure is a great way to get your horse prepared for parades, hunting, and performance events.

Colt Starting

The most important part of your horse’s life is getting the “right” start. A strong foundation will last a lifetime and we believe that setting your green and inexperienced horse up for success begins here. They will learn the basics of becoming well-mannered and accepting the saddle and bridle and being started under saddle. As they progress, they will become handier in their movements and a more supple and willing partner for you. Your horse must be at least 2 years old and a minimum of 14hh before riding will begin.  Colt starting will require a 3 month (75 hour) minimum.

Do you have a younger horse that isn’t quite ready for riding? We will help them learn ground manners and riding preparation. Extensive exposure to leading, tying, trailer loading, feet handling, and more will prepare your young horse for a successful future. To enroll your young horse in this development program, they must be at least 6 months old.

Custom Programs

Have something else in mind? Let us know and we will create a specific program for you and your horse.

Horse Training

Tune-ups, Colt Starting, Problem Solving, and Specialization Training (Driving, Trail, Mounted Shooting)

Per Month + Board
$1000 + $300
Includes 25 hours of training. 1 free private lesson for every 25 hours of training.
Training Evaluations
Plus current Federal Mileage rate per mile, if travel is required.

Exercise Program

1-hour riding or on the ground exercise at staff’s discretion to keep your horse fit when you are unable to. This is not a substitute for training. This does not include board.

Single Session
4 sessions (Once a week)
8 sessions (Twice a week)
12 sessions (Three times per week)
All horses entering onto CornerStone Equine property MUST have proof of Negative Coggins, a current state health certificate, and vaccinated with a 5-Way/West Nile combo and Strangles.